5 Tips  for Healthy Holidays

Posted by Tomohiro Matano on Dec 7, 2017 7:24:40 AM

5 Tips for healthy holidays

You work so hard to maintain your health all year. But it can be so hard to not let it all fall apart during the holidays. And come January that can become so frustrating. Here are 5 tips to help you avoid that pitfall and enjoy healthy holidays. You can still enjoy your holiday season and fall into the unhealthy holiday trap.

  1. Enjoy in Moderation and Choose IndulgencesEnjoy your favorite treats in smaller portions and  make healthy substitutions where possible. Plan ahead and choose special indulgences.
  2. Fill Up on the Healthiest. Eat the healthiest offerings first. This can help you avoid eating too much of the not so good for you foods that you may regret later.

  3. Stay Active Keep exercising and plan for it. Plan time for exercise. Enjoy some winter sports for a change of pace, or schedule in a quick walk or workout before you head to the next party.

  4. Don't Go Hungry - Don't arrive at the mall or a party hungry. Before going out, have a healthy snack to curb your appetite.

  5. Manage Portion Sizes - Use smaller plates and pour drinks into small and skinny glasses. Drink water in between beverages and try to skimp on sugary drinks. 

If you are on a quest for healthy holidays this year when at home look for meals that are full of fiber, low fat and low on the glycemic index. They will keep you full and satisfied without spiking your blood sugar. Try our Mochi Barley. In addition to this, it is quick cooking (Mochi Barley does it in 10) and incredibly versatile - used in everything from breakfast, side dishes, main courses to desserts. And just for the season we have our Holiday special right now: 

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