Grain Showdown: Pearl Barley vs Quinoa

Posted by Tomohiro Matano on Apr 27, 2017 10:08:05 AM

We're comparing pearl barley vs quinoa in this side-by-side showing protien, fiber, and other important nutritional information

We have seen that Mochi pearl barley is a beneficial swap-in for rice and a more nutritious option for most grains.

Now, we are turning our attention to Pearl Barley vs. Quinoa.  The first point to note, is actually a common misconception. Many believe that quinoa is a grain. It is not.

Quinoa is actually a seed that is harvested from a plant called goosefoot. We eat it like a grain, and many certainly treat it as an alternative to grains, however, and is therefore a worthy candidate of the side-by-side comparison.

When you stack up the nutritional facts, pearl barley comes out on top once again. While both offer numerous health benefits, Mochi Pearl Barley contains more protein and fiber than quinoa. 

Mochi Pearl Barley vs. Qunioa 

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 3.53.25 PM.png

When pearl barley vs. quinoa, we see that while both are high in health benefits, the nutritional benefits of pearl barley edge out quinoa in the showdown.

And...quick cooking Mochi Barley takes only 15-20 minutes. Try swapping out your favorite grain in your next meal. Ready to boost your nutrition?  Where do I get it?

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