Gifts for Busy Families - Give the Gift of Ease!

Posted by Tomohiro Matano on Dec 18, 2017 6:03:51 PM

gifts for busy families

Give the gift of ease this holiday season. It's so hard to pick the perfect gift for our loved ones. But I love giving and receiving gifts that make life easier. These are the gifts that show that people really care. And they are the ones that make people think of you with fondness every time they use them and you've made their day or week just a little bit easier, a little bit better... a little bit healthier. 

Do you have a gifts for busy families in your life that you've been searching for? We have a few ideas for you that can really benefit the whole family. It will not only make their lives easier, it will make them yummier and healthier too! These 3 mini kitchen appliances will help even the busiest families get a healthy and delicious dinner on the table with minimum time and effort.

3 Ideas for Gifts for Busy Families

1. The Instant Pot. It's been all the rage this year. And for good reason. You can literally get dinner on the table in minutes. I am talking from frozen meat, to boxed pasta or barley to a whole wholesome meal. It's multi-purpose, you can use it as a rice cooker, saute pan, slow cooker, pressure cooker and  more. It's easy, simple one-pot cooking in minutes.You can read our detailed comparison between the Insta-Pot and the Slow-Cooker here. You can get it now on Amazon!

2. A Slow Cooker. The fix it and forget staple of kitchens for years. Easy to use all you have to do is put your meal in and walk away. You can throw everything in in the morning and come home to dinner! It can even keep dinner warm when everyone's on a different schedule. A slow cooker offers true one pot cooking with easy clean-up. Just throw the insert into the dishwasher. Can also be found on Amazon and shipped in time for the holidays. Here are some of our favorite slow cooker recipes.

3. A Rice Cooker. This is an often over looked appliance. But it can add so much ease in the kitchen. Firstly, rice can be cooked so easily. But did you know you can steam vegetables, cook barley or even make entire meals? Check out some of our favorite rice cooker recipes here you'll be amazed. Also available from Amazon.

These are 3 of our favorite gifts for busy families. Don't forget to get them some delicious and nutritious Mochi Barley to go with them. Its truly the perfect accompaniment. Its a family favorite for stocking the pantry because it is not only super healthy and yummy but it is so versatile and quick cooking! Get it now while our holiday sale is on!

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