Insta-Pot vs The Slow Cooker

Posted by Tomohiro Matano on Aug 29, 2017 7:39:22 PM

instapot vs slow cooker

The Instant Pot is the latest rage in so many kitchens. In fact according to GeekWire on Amazon Prime Day “24,000 Instant Pot 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cookers, compared to 182 the previous Wednesday.” Those are amazing stats but is it just hype? I mean chances are you probably have a slow cooker/ crockpot or 5 in your kitchen already and who doesn’t love the fact that you can let it go all day without thinking twice?  At least that's what I thought. So in my quest to squash my FOMO ( fear of missing out) I decided to do some research and find out what the difference really is between the Insta-Pot vs The Slow Cooker. 

Here are some detailed pros and cons for each item, we used two brands the slow cooker was a Crock Pot and the pressure cooker was Insta-Pot.

Slow Cooker


  • Simple buttons. Easy to use and program.
  • "Set it-and-forget it." All you have to do is put your meal in and walk away. These meals take 4-8 hours on average to cook.
  • One-pot cooking! The meals are easy to put together and allow you to experiment. 
  • Easy clean-up. The insert can be washed in the dishwasher.


  • Single purpose. It only has the option to slowly cook your foods.
  • Can't sear/saute. There is no option in keeping anything crispy. The texture seems to be the same for all meats. Soft and tender.
  • Need to pre-plan. Takes awhile to cook.
  • Meat can either be dry or really soft. There is no in-between
  • Not sealed, You can often smell the food throughout the house.
  • Not advised for frozen foods. The jury is still out on cooking from the freezer as it takes so long to heat up. 

Instant Pressure Cooker


  • Multi-purpose. You can use this appliance as a rice cooker, saute pan, slow cooker, pressure cooker and much more.
  • Ease. It’s easy to place the food in the pot and walk away.
  • Convenience. You can throw it all together making it simple one-pot cooking.
  • Frozen food safe. It is safe to use with frozen foods as the pressure from the cooker allows the meat to reach 140 degrees in the recommended two hour time frame.
  • Meats have different consistency as you have different cooking methods.
  • Quick! This is probably the biggest perk of all, it cooks in minutes. The pressure cooking method allows you to have cooked food in minutes rather than hours.
  • It's sealed.There are no smells that fill your home for days to come.
  • Pre-plan option. You can schedule what time you would like it to turn on.


  • Not as simple to use. You will need to experiment and give it some time for trial and error.
  • More expensive. They are pricier than your average slow cooker.

Slow cooking can be a great time saver during back to school. Download our Slow Cooker recipe guide.

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