Why do Kids Need Fiber in Their Diet?

Posted by Tomohiro Matano on Aug 8, 2017 1:40:22 PM

kids need fiber

We know that we need fiber and we know that it's healthy for us. But when it comes to our kids we tend to focus on vegetables, fruits, calcium, vitamins and nutrients. All very important. But we should also be paying attention to their fiber intake. Why do kids need fiber? Because it's vital for their digestive health. 

Fat, calories and sugar are not the only things we should be watching in our children's diet. Kids need fiber in their diet to help stay regular, but in addition, a diet filled with fiber can help fight obesity. Since fiber-rich foods take longer to digest they keep kids fuller longer and can keep them from overeating. Carbohydrates filled with fiber, aren't easy to digest, and keep insulin and sugar from surging, preventing the body from storing extra fat. 

5 Reasons Why Kid's Need Fiber in Their Diet....

  • regulates digestive track
  • keeps the tummy feeling full: fiber-rich foods take longer to digest
  • helps prevent constipation
  • helps regulate blood sugar & insulin levels
  • helps protect against some cancers

With all the healthy qualities fiber offers you can see why kids need fiber in their diet. Mochi Barley is great source to add fiber to your children's diets. It has a great rice like texture and a light nutty flavor that packs a high fiber and nutritious punch. Mochi Barley (Where do I get it?)  can be used in everything from breakfast to side dishes to main courses to desserts.

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