Grain Showdown: Pearled Barley vs. Brown Rice....

Posted by Tomohiro Matano on Mar 23, 2017 2:01:36 PM


We know the white starches are not as healthy as the brown. We swap whole grain bread for white bread, whole grain flour for-all purpose flour and brown rice for white rice. But honestly, the brown rice is getting a little boring... a little tired. Did you know you can swap in pearl barley for your brown rice and it's actually even more nutritious? Did you know swapping in pearled barley will actually improve the texture and flavor of your dish? Even adding in Mochi pearl barley into your rice can greatly boost its health benefits.

How does Brown Rice Stack Up to Mochi Pearl Barley? 


While, yes, both grains are good for you, pearl barley is the superior choice for those wishing to control their weight and blood sugar levels. 

Mochi Barley cooks in only 20 minutes. Try swapping out rice in your next meal. View our infographic now to see just how easy it is to get and prepare Mochi Pearl Barley.

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