What are the Benefits of Barley?

Posted by Tomohiro Matano on May 2, 2017 1:03:47 PM

It's no suprise that barley is good for us. But why? What exactly are the benefits of barley? Grains are healthy, yes... yes we know.  But with barley, actually more specifically, pearl barley the health benefits are so much greater than you may realize.

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Vegan Muscle Building | The Ultimate Guide to Weight Gain Part 2

Posted by Tomohiro Matano on Aug 19, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Vegan Muscle Building, Part 2 of our Ultimate Guide to Gaining Weight

So in our last post we started the discussion about how difficult it can be to gain weight while on a vegan diet. Because we aren’t eating animal proteins, it can oftentimes be tough to find the right foods with enough protein. We need to strike the balance between foods that provide protein, don’t kill our other macronutrient percentages and hit the right ratio for our weight gain goals. Today, we’ll get into some micronutrients important for vegan muscle building and the best sources for those nutrients in whole foods.

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Vegan Weight Gain | The Ultimate Guide to Muscle Building

Posted by Tomohiro Matano on Aug 16, 2016 7:18:32 AM

The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Weight Gain

For most, a vegan diet isn’t about weight loss, it’s about an ethical and healthier choice when it comes to choosing what you consume and put into your body. But for many, going vegan makes it difficult to put on weight whether for health purposes or when trying to gain muscle mass. Though difficult, it’s not impossible to gain weight without animal proteins. To do so, you’ll need to keep track of not only your macronutrients, but also your micronutrients; calcium, iron, and fiber.

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