Cooking with Kids: 10 Easy Recipes You Can Make with Your Kids.

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Kids love to help in the kitchen and it encourages them to eat healthy foods when they have a hand in making them. The internet is flooded with recipes you can create with kids but trying to get through all the options out there can be exhausting. Cooking with kids is a great way to bond with them but it's also a wonderful way to get them excited about what they are going to eat. They are filled with pride and joy when they can show off what delicious treats they have made. We have rounded up some of our favorite recipes so you can start cooking with your kids.

Delish Pancake Poppers

1. Pancake Poppers by Delish.

Make pancakes in a muffin tin so you avoid the kids making a mess or buring themselves on the stove while trying to flip the pancakes.

pioneer woman french bread pizza                                           

2. French Bread Pizzas by The Pioneer Woman

Simple, fun and interactive way to get your kids excited about their meal. Who doesn't love to put their own toppings together and make their own creation.

damn delicious baked zucchini fries                                                                                 damndelicious

3.Baked Zucchini Fries by Damn Delicious 

Let's admit it. Fries are awesome but not super healthy, these are fun for the kids to make and are super healthy!

skinny taste healthy baked chicken nuggets                                                                          Skinnytaste

4. Homemade Chicken Nuggets by Skinny Taste

Kids love eating finger foods. Why not give them healthy options to already popular kid cuisine?

kids cooking activities meatballs                                                                            kidscookingactivites

5. Meatballs by Kids Cooking Activities

This is an all hands on deck meal, kids will learn how to roll the perfect meatball.

mochi mugi zucchini boats

6. Healthy Zucchini Boats by Mochi barley 

Nothing is more delicious than picking summer vegetables out of your garden, check out our summer growers guide. Not in season? Luckily you can find zucchini all year long at most supermarkets. This is another hands on recipe that will be sure to make cooking with your kids fun.

the kitchn slow cooker mac and cheese                                                                                        @thekitchn

7. Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese by @thekitchn

This recipe is perfect for your younger kids, this allows them to measure and pour without having to touch hot pots or pans. Like magic, after a few hours, the meal is complete.  

the spruce beef tacos                                                                       

8. Beef Tacos by The Spruce

Make the basic ground beef recipe ahead of time and prepare the toppings and allow your children to build their own tacos.

fresh fruit popsicles

9. Fresh Fruit Ice Pops/Fruit Salad Ice Pops by One Little Project 

These popsicles contain healthy fruit with a delicious summer treat. And there pretty too! Kids will have a blast making and eating these frozen delights!

kristine's kitchen blog yogurt breakfast bowls

10. Yogurt Breakfast Bowls 7 Ways by Kristine's Kitchen Blog

Quick breakfasts don't need to be limited to frozen waffles or cereal. These fun and yummy yogurt breakfast bowls are fast, nutritious and creative!



Ready to start cooking with your kids? Try adding nutritious quick cooking Mochi Barley Barley.

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